Tyee Products Inc., a subsidiary of TA-I Technology Co. Ltd, was formed in 1997 as the sales headquarter in the United States. TA-I Technology Co. Ltd, has over two decades of experience in the fields of electronic parts manufacturing. It is currently ranked as one of the top two chip resistor manufacturers in the world, please refer to TA-I / TYEE Resistors 2013 Capacity Update.

The components made by TA-I have been widely applied to products in the field of 3C, including motherboards, notebooks, LCD TVs, STBs, scanners, video cards, modem cards, sound cards, mobile phones, digital cameras, and LCDs, etc. With factories situated around the Pacific Rim making high quality electronic components and overseen by a strong management team familiar with advanced production technology, TA-I Technology pledges to utilize all of its strengths, to provide the best service possible to all of its North American clients through Tyee Products Inc.